Fur Makeover!
At Furs by Russell, our Master Furrier and New York trained designer can remake your fur into a garment that is up to date and wearable again. Perhaps you no longer love that fur you bought ten or twenty years ago. We can adjust or rework it into a more comfortable fur or a totally new style. Lowering or raising the armhole or perhaps softening the shoulder can make a world of difference and an updated look and feel for your fur.  You could turn your full length garment into a stroller or jacket, or even into a vest! Whether the reason is for comfort or style, we will work with you to fit your needs.

Now as well as a full remodel our Master Furrier and Designer can take your garment that is outdated or just to formal and turn it into an exciting new style that is much more up to date with today’s fashion. A full length garment can be shortened to a casual stroller with a detachable hood or even a vest for a real casual look. Whichever the style may be, take advantage of our on-sight design experts to restyle your garment into a modern, original piece for much less than a new garment. Click on Services for additional info.